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sv_downloadurl question (no my problem is not how to set it up ^^)
the thing is i know exactly how to set it up but i cant really buy a host(more or less idk what host even -_- and kinda hosting it my self is not a option...)

i was wondering can i use as my sv_downloadurl site ?

id set my sv_downloadurl to

but in case i cant use 000webhost as my sv_downloadurl any one know what free host i can use ?

sry if i posted this on the wrong category but i think its the right one
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I doubt there are free solutions for download servers, unless bad ones.
download server is just a 'web site' with static files (like html site).
the reason of most free hosts not suiting is they have tough limit on uplink and data hosted.
For lolz you could even use dropbox Big Grin
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