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Problem with getting the fps stable (cs 1.6 )
Hey guys.

Lately I have tried to get a cs 1.6 server up and running with 1000 fps stable but still there's room for improvement. I have tried 32 bit and 64 bit versions of debian on 3 different computers with many different types of kernels but none has given a perfect result. Some of the kernels used is:


And i have tried different combinations of zen, rt and none. The server is started with -pingboost 2 and with sys_ticrate 10000 in server.cfg and when it is bumped with the script to high prio it runs 950+. The problem starts when players enters and when player number 9 joins the fps starts to fluctuate between either ~500 fps or ~1000. This can be seen in the following screenshot

[Image: csproblem.png]

So is there a way to fix these fps spikes? The cpu isn't even maxed out so i would guess that the hardware isn't capped out. Only net-tx, net-rx and IRQ from the network card is taking cpu time besides hlds and i have also tried changing the priority on those but without luck

Using pingboost 3 with sys_ticrate ~1200 could also be a possibility but the fps is between 400-1150 fps and with a high cpu load, so i dont think this is a good option.

The system is E8500@3,6 ghz with 4gb ram, AMD64 3700+ with 2gb ram, p4 3.0 ghz with 2 gb ram.

The debian installed is minimal versions and when started they use 40mb ram so it think its a pretty clean install.

So anyone got some ideas because i begin to run out of them :d

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