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Another thread about rates

Game: Garrysmod
Processor: Amd Athlon x2 2.8Ghz
Memory: 3GB
Network: 10M/30M( It's for real its not 30/10 )
Ubuntu server 64bit

20 player slots

[Image: 1821178039.png]

I've been having some lag issues around my server. I guess it's about rates. Most problems became with Expression2.

My rates:
"sv_maxrate"" "30000"
"sv_minrate" "15000"
"sv_maxupdaterate" "66"
"sv_minupdaterate" "45"
"sv_maxcmdrate" "66"
"sv_mincmdrate" "45"
"fps_max" "250"

Are my rates right or is there something to fix?

Throw that machine in a trash can. Get something with more power. Garrysmod likes to be a CPU hungry fat kid... Especially when paired with wire mod...

Also, rates don't really matter for Garrysmod...
No matter what you do the game is still going to run at high latencies and lag at times. I would just leave them at the default or drop them to the lowest playable without much jitter... ( Same with FPS ) It's also nice to just simply force all rates to the same values for all your players... Many game servers don't do this, but I highly doubt any Dialup / Shitband customers are going to be using your server...

"sv_maxrate"" "20000"
"sv_minrate" "20000"
"sv_maxupdaterate" "33"
"sv_minupdaterate" "33"
"sv_maxcmdrate" "33"
"sv_mincmdrate" "33"
"fps_max" "100"

Try these rates, they may lower your CPU usage and make that machine usable for whatever purpose it may continue to serve in it's out of date life.
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I fixed he lag by removing falcon prop protection. Using simple pro prot now and no lag.

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