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Hi guys,

I'm setting up a Team Fortress 2 server and I need some help since this is my first time running a srcds based server.

I've been running 2 CoD4 servers for some time now and I'm using BigBrotherBot as well. B3 has a nice built in plugin that prints messages on the screen at certain time intervals (eg 15 seconds). I use these to advertise my website and my other servers.

I've been looking for a srcds equivalent and I came across Mani Admin Plug-in which has this feature. The thing is that it has so many other features that I don't need and furthermore the config file for the mod is a bit overwhelming for a srcds newbie like me.

Is there any other simpler plugin that can achieve what I'm looking for?

Personally I like Sourcemod alot more then Mani

Any ways, here is a link to a advertisement mod for Sourcemod:
Suggest you try that out.
Sourcemod is a bit more complex than Mani, IN that it supports WAY more and can do much more...

I would recommend sourcemod as it is much lighter than Mani by default if you don't utilize all the plugins that are included.

The other option would be lag... I mean event scripts.
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