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When I try to join my own tf2 server I get a "STEAM validation rejected" I'v got no VAC Bans and my server reads "S3: Client connected with ticket for the wrong game: UserID: 2" and when I play in LAN mode I can connect, I also tried connection via the IP shown and computer IP. Gamemode run as Team Fortress as normal
umm do you have the right ports ? and try re-loading server and then join ?
(03-20-2012, 09:32 AM)brian123 Wrote:  umm do you have the right ports ? and try re-loading server and then join ?

When I reload the server in online mode everything starts well then when I connect to my server I get the same shown up again and I can't change which ip to choose.
Iv gone into my ip address by typing it into Google chrome and set UPnP and enabled it I dont know if this will help my problem though. But I will try it out.

Edit: It's not worked.
If im right to fix it, go into your srcds folder and make a new .txt file named "steam_appid" without the "" and in the txt file just type in 440 then save, restart the server and hopefully it should work.. and im pretty sure this is the error im thinking of..

my server only check for server.cfg and not steam_appid other than that i can alto set the the game run by as "Team Fortress 2".

plus my router doesn't give a ping result according to PFPort Checker
my routers a Huawei EchoLife HG520b and doesnt say anything about internet ports or whatever just PVC's RIP's and some other non helping stuff. a link to what to it looks like.

Edit: Iv opened the router ping thingy and submited it.
Server ports have now been opened because i had no DMZ open

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