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hud800corner and memory location issue
Right, ok i know that many ppl have had this issue but its now realllly p***ing me off. I've read about the holding enter for a while untill the hud800corner error goes when starting my ds via the srcds icon and also now holding the esc key does the same thing, untill u select a drop down box int he config of the ds and the error reappears and the esc key works better the holding enter but now its just getting really fricken frustrating. The -verify_all doesnt seem to fix it at all. Why is this problem still happening, why hasnt it been fixed yet and/or why does it happen? Well thats one of the issues, the next is also just as frustrating as well as annoying, in the console of srcds, when i type es_load gungame51 and hit enter, every now and then it gives me the "dll load failed: invalid access to memory location" message. Why does this 'thing' happen??? Sometimes i can close srcds completely then start it back up (then after battling with the dam texture error) type that command in again in the console and gungame loads up no problem but most of the time i have to kinda wait and just pick a moment to load srcds and enter the command to not get that memory msg.

Vista 32bit
e3300 @ 2.50GHz which is dual core p4s yes
4gb ram
game - srcds css
no start up command
mattie, eventscripts, sp extensions
um dont hold down Esc. and ur gonnah ave errors with texture, depends on map i think. and make a cfg. text file andn ame it autoexec.cfg and add cs_load gungame or whatever the eventscript is and add autoexec.cfg to cfg folder

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