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Garry's mod dedicated server problem help
hey i just installed Garry's mod server and when everything is done i start the srcds.exe
then it show
The procedure entry point steamMasterServerUpdater could not be located in the dynamic link library steam_api.Dll.
and i have google it up
then i find this and tryed

Invalid steam key size

Valve will hopefully fix this bug.

For Windows servers, this will fix the issue:

Download GCFScape Go into your SteamApps directory. Open "Source 2007 Binaries.gcf" Extract the files "steam_api.dll" and "engine.dll" from the "Bin" directory into your servers "c:\srcds\orangebox\bin" directory. Start your server and enjoy.

but that did not work i use to have Garry's mod server on my comp but now i cant idk what the problem is :S
Mine wont launch at ALL. pleas help
A friend of mine is getting a few errors with his dedicated server, a crazy admin just banned me and abused his powers. When the owner tried to unban me he got this error ( error: failed to unban circuitbreak (aka, skylerdog). Is there any solution to fix that? Please tell me if so, because I miss that server.Sad[/font]

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