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Hey... Im going to host a CSS server... BUT... Whats best for Counter strike server hosting...? Ubuntu Linux or Debrian Linux...?
well u can host from a windows server, i have 2 on my ccomputer.
linux seems to be pretty good also
Ubuntu is my personal preference between Debian and Ubuntu.
Okay... But found a problem... My server is fucking lagging...
Does not suprise me. You post here with a question "what's best to host my CSS server on" and don't provide any information, no server information, no internet speed, etc.
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
Brian, your posts were absolutely useless... If you have nothing to contribute then please don't post. We know that you're trying to advertise your game servers. That's nice, but it's distracting from the forums when your signature is the size of a full user post...

As for best distribution... Debian and Ubuntu are pretty much the same thing. Debian is a little lighter out of the box and designed for server use. I personally was never a fan of Ubuntu as it was originally developed for desktop use.

If you're having lag issues then you should provide us with more information:

You probably don't have enough upstream bandwidth...

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