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Port Forwarding Question
Hi, I am having an issue prepping my server for deployment (colocation).

I have srcds installed and everything running but I cannot get my game to show up publicly. I can only join the server as a lan connection.

I have done the port forwarding I believe is correct, but the port is not open still. Is my ISP blocking it (TWC)? If so that shouldnt be a problem once I send this computer out for colocation.. I just wanted to make sure everything is right ahead of time.

Router Linksys e4200 - desktop connected via wifi
Windows 7 ultimate
webroot AV with firewall temp. disabled and windows firewall off.
i5 2320 quad core @3.1ghz
Counterstrike Source
srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map gg_CostaRiza +maxplayers 16
Bandwidth, 20mbit/.5megabit (only for testing I know upload is slow)
Time Warner Cable
Only mod is gungame5 at the moment.

Thanks for any assistance!

See image below of my port forwarding:
Turns out the Linksys e4200 doesnt support port forwarding through wireless, there are several forum posts about this massive glitch in their crappy software.

Plugging the server into the router and then forwarding the port work..

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