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Need help with sourcemod

Does someone know sourcemod pretty well?
You know when you ban someone it says:

"You have been banned by this server, please visit for more info."

I wan't to have my own text there, in witch file should I edit this?

Thanks in advance!
This requires SourceBans.

You'll need a web host in order to use it. (With MySQL, and PHP support).
it's sourcebans message, not SM. if you want to modify it you should probably edit the sourcecode of ban plugin it offers and recompile it.
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It is sourcebans that makes that message, but my guess is that you can change it via the translation files.
You change it in SourceBans configuration file. /tf/addons/sourcemod/configs/sourcebans/
Nisd is right, Check the language or translation files... But sourcebans offers it as part of their config.
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