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linux vs windows for ze?
Hello! My ze server reached 50/50 today Smile
I wasn't on at the time, but i heard when we were at 35/50 we then crashed.
Now idk if it is the maps or if it's the operating system.
See i used to have a popular ze server on linux vps, which never crashed before, and when i mean never i mean never. One time i typed stats in the rcon console and it said 500 map changes and like 90000+ uptime, that was on linux. Now on windows it crashes every day, i am trying to get rid of the maps that might be involve but it has the same files but maps. Same version of everything.
Linux specs:
Processor: intel processor @ 2.27 ghz
ram: 1 gb
internet: 100 mbit
Windows specs:
Processor: Intel xeon 1230 @ 3.2 ghz
ram: 32 gb
internet: 100 mbit
Now obviously the windows specs are better which is why i upgraded to that because the linux specs were lagging at 50/50. Now it doesn't lag at 50/50 on the windows specs but crashes are worse...
Now i asked my host to move to linux but he says its not possible.
Anyone know if it's just the operating system or maps.... Please tell me if you need more info or you don't understand.
Basic question: Does windows crash more than linux?

maps it crashed on:
paranoid = 50/50(i heard that crashes servers so i removed it)
Boat Escape 5 remix = 40/50(i heard spaceship spammers crashed it so i removed it too until fix)

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Yes, I think windows crashes more, but I doubt there is a proof of it or stable opinion.
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The question: Are you running the same windows version on boith systems? On Linux I noticed increasing or decreasing amounts of crashes after kernel and glibc updates.

Since this are key komponents of the linux system you can compare it with different windows versions.

In general you can not say windows or linux is better. There is only the OS you are most fit to use. That is the OS you should choose because you can probably run smoother with it in less work hours.
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