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[solved]How to run Arena without waiting players ?
I'm very new to Arena setup and currently done the following things:

- turned crits off
- using config_arena.cfg
- using mapcyclefile "arena_mapcycle.txt"

Now I'd like to have the client being able to choose a team, spectator at the beginning and not this "arena door?"...

Also I dont like that players have to wait in spectator while others can play
Quote:// Team sizes are derived from maxplayers. Each arena match has 3 teams, two playing and one waiting in the queue. So maxplayers 18 will give you a max team size of 6 (18/3).
found this, but looks like it does not work (server don't start with this extension)

advice on running arena server is always welcome Smile

EDIT: solved Toungue
how did u do it?

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