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Two Questions About My Idling Server
Hi guys, I have two questions relating to an idling server I have set up yesterday.

My first one is that when my server is on the achievement_idle_awesomebox8 people get kicked from the server, I check the console and it says 'userid "2" not found' does anyone know what that means? I have tried using Google but I have no luck.

My second question is is there a faster way for people to download maps on my server faster than the way I currently have without paying for a webhost service? I have the download url in my server.cfg set as my c:\HLserver\tf\maps, I was wondering if I uploaded the maps on something like mediafire or rapidshare or possibly dropbox and then people can get the maps from there when connecting to the server; could I also use Filezilla?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Edit: So I think I might have found an alternative for a webhost server. I'm using Google Sites; I've uploaded the maps onto the site, allowed public access, set the sv_downloadurl as "" with sv_allowdownloads set to 1. Is there something I'm missing?

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