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Non-steam SRCDS for a Steam game?
I know this sounds crazy, but is it possible to run a non-Steam SRCDS for a game I have on my Steam account?

I downloaded SRCDS on this site and followed the guide and set it up accordingly and then downloaded a gungame mod, maps and all its dependencies, but I can't get it to work. The server doesn't show up in my server list and won't even be added to my favorites list if I manually enter the IP and port.

I don't have any IP address in the startup command. I take it this isn't possible to have a SRCDS which doesn't rely on Steam, to run on Source which I have on Steam? I technically didn't buy Source through Steam, I merely used a serial key from my disc-copy.

I run Windows 7 x64, if it matters.

I guess I could run the Steam-based Dedicated Server, but that requires another Steam account and I don't wish to have two. One is enough.
The reason you don's have server on ur favorite list is because ur server is not online, and ur server is not online because u dont have the right ports open. so you need to open the ports

Ports Add These -
CSS1 = 27020 to 27039 TCP
CSS2 = 1200 to 1200 UDP
CSS3 = 27000 to 27015 UDP

and u should be good, u dont need to buy css for ur server to be up.

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