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Windows or Linux
Hi guys,

I'm currently running Ubuntu 10.04 on the machine listed below here. I'm pretty paranoid when it comes to servers, and I don't like securing it, I want it to be secure-by-default (which isn't easy..). I've got four choices, I've got experience with Debian and Ubuntu, and a bit with Windows Server 2008. I'm wondering what would be the best OS for me to use on it? I'm considering to swap it to Windows, because it is so much simpler and probably more secure (i'm not a faggot who goes to all the sites with all the viruses). I also think i get more overview of the server using it, like resource monitoring, task manager, those kinds of stuff.

Please take into account the servers specs, amount of servers it can run and so on. I really need help figuring out. lol.

Intel Xeon E3-1220 CPU
2x 1TB HDD's in raid 1

Windows Server 2008/2003

I plan to run 7+ 24 slot gameservers on it. I have experience in customizing a kernel for gameservers on Linux too.
What operation system is really up to the user, and what you like.

Both Linux and Windows can be secure if you do it right.
What about performance then? On Linux with the fragaholics guide, I can run all servers full with no lag, will I do the same on Windows?
Well I have had my share of game servers and have never had issues with them on Windows, but on the other side I have never tried running it on Linux.

Aha. With the current machine, do you think it'll handle it?
can someone help me with my Thread?? -.-
This isn't some forum where you pay for support, everyone is doing it out of free will, no one NEEDS to help you.
If you are already familiar with linux I suggest you sticking to linux. While SRCDS is more-over same on both OS's, linux is simply way more pleasant and flexible to control. You won't need to have some stupid *exe server watchdogs and worrying about Error windows needing you to click "OK" - this crap made never use windows for servers again.
Of course, this is just an opinion based on bad experience, and someone will say "you could dig into windows settings and disable errors reporting", but why bother when linux is perfectly fine out of the box and if I need to install something it takes 5 sec instead of 5 hours.

That was quite aggressive post against windows fans, I am not to start the war here, sorry Smile I use windows a lot, but not for servers..
Best Regards,
I've got Windows on our machine now, it's awesome. A bit more unstablier FPS than on Linux, but it doesn't get lagspikes.

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