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Garry´s Mod issue
Hello there!

I recently decided to start up an srcds garrys mod server and ofc I ran into some problems.

First off, I have run a srcds server for css before without any problems, im turning to you guys because I have no idea what the problem is.

I have searched my problem and found many with the same but nothing have fixed it so far.

My problem is:
When I launch my server I get an error saying "unable to load steam support library, this server will operate in lan mode only"

So what have I done? well I have checked my server.cfg for issues and found none.
I have opened every port inmy router to see if it was blocking it, it was not.
I have disabled by windows firewall with no sucess.
I have no antivirus program installed that would act as a firewall.
I have ran the update several times with no change.
I have had "verify_all" command without sucess
I have reinstalled the whole srcds complete with download, no change.

I can connect to the server via my network so the server is functional, it just wont go online

Any ideas?

Launch batch
@echo off
cd c:\srcds/orangebox
echo Starting game server.
echo Beginning "Garry's Mod"
srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map gm_construct +maxplayers 4
echo "Garry's Mod" has now started.
echo It is recommended that you start Server Crash Recovery aswell.

// Recommend use notepad++ or indent broke
// Basic settings
"hostname"                    "lekstugan" // Server Name for Server List
"rcon_password"                ""    // Remote control password (Blank to Disable) (Recommend use strong password)
"sv_password"                "bajs"    // Server password (Blank to Disable)
"sv_region"                    "3"   // Use for server list filtering: eastcoast: 0 - westcoast: 1 - south america: 2 - europe: 3 - asia: 4 - australia: 5 - middle east: 6 - africa: 7 - world: 255
"sv_lan"                    "0"   // Lan only (1) or Public (0)

// If you want use fast download, please remove slash and change to your server url.
//"sv_downloadurl"            ""
//"sv_allowdownload"        "0"

// Sandbox server settings
"sbox_godmode"                "0" // 1: No Damage 0: Normal
"sbox_plpldamage"            "1" // 1: Disable PvP 0: Enable PvP
"sbox_noclip"                "1" // 1: Enable Noclip 0: Disable Noclip

// Sandbox limits. 0 to Disable. -1 to Unlimited.
"sbox_maxprops"                "150"
"sbox_maxragdolls"            "2"  // Too much Ragdoll = Lag
"sbox_maxnpcs"                "0"  // NPC may crash the server.
"sbox_maxballoons"            "10"
"sbox_maxeffects"            "10"
"sbox_maxdynamite"            "3"
"sbox_maxlamps"                "10" // Too much Lamps = Low FPS
"sbox_maxthrusters"            "20"
"sbox_maxwheels"            "10"
"sbox_maxhoverballs"        "10"
"sbox_maxvehicles"            "5"
"sbox_maxbuttons"            "20"
"sbox_maxemitters"            "5"
"sbox_maxspawners"            "3"
"sbox_maxturrets"            "2"

// Sandbox WIRE limits
// If you are not running wire addon, remove this entire section.
"sbox_maxwire_wheels"            "20"
"sbox_maxwire_waypoints"        "30"
"sbox_maxwire_values"            "20"
"sbox_maxwire_twoway_radioes"    "30"
"sbox_maxwire_turrets"            "10"
"sbox_maxwire_thrusters"        "20"
"sbox_maxwire_target_finders"    "10"
"sbox_maxwire_speedometers"        "10"
"sbox_maxwire_emitters"            "25"
"sbox_maxwire_simple_explosive"    "30"
"sbox_maxwire_sensors"            "30"
"sbox_maxwire_screens"            "20"
"sbox_maxwire_relays"            "20"
"sbox_maxwire_rangers"            "20"
"sbox_maxwire_radioes"            "30"
"sbox_maxwire_sockets"            "20"
"sbox_maxwire_plugs"            "20"
"sbox_maxwire_pixels"            "20"
"sbox_maxwire_panels"            "20"
"sbox_maxwire_outputs"            "20"
"sbox_maxwire_oscilloscopes"    "20"
"sbox_maxwire_locators"            "30"
"sbox_maxwire_lights"            "16"
"sbox_maxwire_inputs"            "20"
"sbox_maxwire_indicators"        "20"
"sbox_maxwire_hoverballs"        "20"
"sbox_maxwire_gyroscopes"        "10"
"sbox_maxwire_gpss"                "10"
"sbox_maxwire_gate_trigs        "30"
"sbox_maxwire_gate_times"        "30"
"sbox_maxwire_gate_selections"    "30"
"sbox_maxwire_gate_memorys"        "30"
"sbox_maxwire_gate_logics"        "30"
"sbox_maxwire_gate_comparisons"    "30"
"sbox_maxwire_gates"            "50"
"sbox_maxwire_explosive"        "30"
"sbox_maxwire_dual_inputs"        "20"
"sbox_maxwire_detonators"        "20"
"sbox_maxwire_buttons"            "25"
"sbox_maxwire_adv_inputs"        "20"

//Load bans
exec "banip.cfg"
exec "banid.cfg"
Try doing a update with verify all.
(02-29-2012, 11:48 PM)Nisd Wrote:  Try doing a update with verify all.

if u had read all the things I have tried ud see that I´ve tried that already.
But thanks
You got any addons? If so try and remove them.
(03-01-2012, 06:11 PM)Nisd Wrote:  You got any addons? If so try and remove them.
No nothing Sad Its a clean install done by following this guide:

When I run the server it does however say "not downloaded fully? try polaing it first" on a few items on startup.
It says it about ep2, TF, lostcoast, hl1, hl1mp, pvkII.
But none of those are relevent?

further more those messages stay even when I run the server update allover again..
it now works!

I dont really know what I did, I started steam once and now it seems to be working. Who knew

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