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PayPal API and Garry's Mod Server
Hello guys.

I own a Dedicated Server which I have a Garry's Mod server on and I need some help with setting up an automatic "donate to rank" system.

Since Garry's Mod requires Lua I already have a coder who knows alot about Lua but nothing about PHP or PayPal API.

What the whole thing is going to do is that a guy Donates some bucks through PayPal, PayPal sends information to the web server about SteamID etc, then the Web Server sends SteamID to the Garry's Mod Server and the server ranks that person, then the Garry's Mod Server sends information if it either went through successfully or not to the web server.

I would appreciate any help!
If needed I could pay through PayPal.
Best Regards.
Well you could probably make something simple, that allows you to setup paypal donations, and then rcons to the server and runs a command.
Nisd, I don't know how to do that. That's why I was coming here for some help.
Well you would have to find someone to code it for you, and unless you have someone in your community willing todo it, it will probably cost you.
I have a Lua coder in my community, but he doesn't know anything about sending rcon command through PHP script nor MySQL Databases.
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