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sv_pure 1 Configuration
Al right think its my first time posting here so here it goes. I host my server with GSP so I don't know any specs buts its 16 slot and runs sourcemod with my plugin which works 100%. When I put on sv_pure 1 it can sit there for up to an hour (the longest I waited) as timed out in the server list. I only have 5 or so files in the whitelist.

My plugin sets the player model to the predator one you can see in in the whitelist. I only whitelist the mdl and general textures to stop people from recompiling with $ignorez


Before I had this whitelist the one I built loaded on the server and the server started in about 1 minute which was fine but all the models ingame were errors. I am guessing I have done the whitelist incorrectly.
Thanks in advance!
Rather than defining each file individually, try defining the whole folder. That's probably your problem.

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