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Source TV (Help Wanted)
Hi dudes,

Usually, when I put Source TV CVARS inside the server.cfg and restart the server, the Source TV would have been working correctly. However, I tried to do it now, and it does not work. I tried to search on the net what the problem was, but I can not figure it out. Until I do, do you guys know what is up? Here are the cvars I put inside my server.cfg:

// Source TV
tv_enable 1
tv_name Team uG TV @ 27020
tv_port 27020
tv_maxrate 5000
tv_password "password123"
tv_maxclients 20
tv_title Deposit Servers TV
tv_nochat 0
tv_autorecord 0
//tv_relaypassword ""

Thanks for your help.
STV has been screwed for quite some time now.

A fix from Valve looks like it will not be forthcoming either.


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