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dump file reader
Hello all, does anyone know where i can get a .dmp file reader? Because my ze server crashed with 28/50 on mako ze map. And i was disapointed but there is a assert_srcds.exe crash and a crash_srcds.exe, both happened on the crash but i want to read them to see what is doing it. The last time that happened was 4 days ago.
Now i had a linux server running everything the same just different maps but it one time never crashed for 29 days straight(yeah you probably don't believe but yes it did happen. and alot of people on the server(50/50 alot)) but with windows it crashes alot D:
Maybe i should change to linux?

Here is my machine info:
operating system: windows server 2008(maybe 2003, but not a big difference)
processor: intel xeon 1230 @ 3.2 ghz
ram: 32 gb
internet: 100 mbit
Im pretty sure those can hold it.
Here was my last ze server which never crashed specs:
operating system: linux
processor: a intel 2.27 ghz processor(one core)
ram: 1 gb
connection: probably 100 mbit+ not sure
Also the server never got restarted with that too, i typed rcon stats, and there was 500 something map changes and like 93293 uptime.
Please tell me all the above XD
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get linux
You can open dump files with debuggers, but it will be pretty much unreadable.
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