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Srcds Guardian. Help:)
I have been usinng srcds for a while and now i want to use srcds guardian on it. is srcds guardian for css serverS? or just for tf2?
and how do i install it? pls helpSmile[/align]
It's for any SRCDS Server. Read this for more information.
How do i install it to the server?
You download it, and then you follow the instructions it gives.
it does not give any instructions.
it says if i press it: cannot find C:\hl2server\orangebox\srcds.exe and some moreToungue
Set your own directory in that line :-)
how can i do that?^^
Edit the bat file.
Right Click --> Edit

SRCDS Guardian 2.0 explains nearly everything inside the batch file.
I made it overly-commented to make it easy for beginners to understand what it was doing.
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Thanks helped me :0
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