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STEAM ID question
My friends are trying to play on the same server however we are all using my game installation cd and account. When they try and join the console gives me this error message.

STEAM UserID STEAM_0:0:6157663 is already
in use on this server

I know why this is comming up but is there anyway you can have more than one person playing on Counterstrike with same steam account
you can on lan... other then that.. it won't work... you could if they were to go to different servers... but its not recommended.. seems how it is basically stealing.. and im pretty sure if valve was to catch on.. they would ban the account.. they don't think to highly of that... pretty sure on that last one. atleast its what i would do.

to make server lan type sv_lan 1
Is it stealing if its just on LAN?
my first guess would be yes.. cuz im more then positive that in the agreement you aggreed too.. you aggreed to only intall and use it on one pc at a time...

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