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I am running a community and I would like to run HLStatsX Community Edition as the stats plugin. I can handle the server-side of it however I am having trouble with the remote part. I am wondering if anyone could help me out or walk me through it. I am relatively knowledgeable but I cant seem to wrap my head around this.

I was having trouble with is as well is it the web bit that is getting you down?
~ trewq
Yes, mainly the web portion in relation to the perl. Not quite sure what is going wrong.
I got it running, however when tracking a few full servers it became very slow and unreliable, using a lot of resources on the webserver.

So we went back to premium.
Clan of Doom:

Any chance you could help me out? It would be greatly appreciated. I'm not all that concerned about usage. Although, now I am glad I run it on a separate server.
I use that on my website:

It was a bit tricky, but when I added one of the leaders of HLXCE, he was able to help me. The best place for support on this topic is the HLXCE Forums. Smile
Yeah. I've actually seen your setup. I love it. I looked at the forums and they just seemed a bit empty. Ill try there though. Thank you very much.
The HLX:CE forums aren't empty, the head dev checks it daily (i have on my steam contacts list, if you can't get help on the forums he'll have no issues helping you out over steam chat).

I use it currently here. Only been up a week or so, but people like it:

I should probably write a tutorial on setting it up. The main thing lacking is an explanantion of how the thing ACTUALLY WORKS.

Add me on steam and i'll give you a hand with it.
Well heres an attempt at explaining it in the meantime:

MySQL is the central control point of the system. This is where all the sections interact and the first thing you should do is create a MySQL database, and import the .sql file into it.

Web Site:
The website is the main control point. Here you specify what servers you are running. This data is then saved to MySQL.

Perl Daemon:
The perl daemon then uses the info stored in hlstats.conf to connect to MySQL and read the info on servers entered on the website. It will then do various commands to the game server periodically to check it is running.

Game Server:
The game server actually does very little here. All it does is stream logs via UDP to the IPToungueort the perl daemon is listening on which simply requires an extra server.cfg command to do (for example: logaddress_add

Contrary to popular belief, the in-game info such as rank, top10, etc,,, and the data shown in the chat window are handled by the perl daemon. It sees something happen in the logs, such as "player A killed Player B with Weapon C" and it will send a command to display that in the chat window via rcon. However this will not show without the HLstatsX addon (use the premium addon, it is fully compatible with HLX:CE).

Hopefully that helps. Smile

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