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Dedicated server teething problems
Basicaly, ive never tried to run a dedicated server before, its simply for me a several friends to play on ive d/l all the files and and managed to get the actual srcd's to run ok and connect.

However the game only shows up on the LAN tab and not in the internet list. Ive set up the server.cfg to the best of my knowledge. I do run a NETGEAR router DG834G I was wondering if this is whats causing the problem, and if so whats the usual thing that needs changing? Im also unsure what ip address to use in the server.cfg. Also at the run prompt all im tying in atm is d:\srcds\srcds.exe which opens the server interface, seems to connect ok.

Can anyone offer any advice, if you need any more info please state what ya need and ill post it.
#2 go there.. that will tell you ur external ip address.. add the port to the end that that.. default ":27015" and that would be what they have to connect to.. unless there on lan.. it would be whatever it says on the console. other then that just make sure you have all the ports open on the router.. and firewall.

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