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Few questions..
Hey, i'm not Compltely new of running a server, or admining one..I just got an Offer from a firend that he just got a server and will host me a CSS server. Its a Windows XP. Now the onlty question i have is, What do i upload? were would i upload it? Or is there a Tutirual that Explanes how to set one up from the start, and i mean from the start like setting up the FTP info..Cause i have no clue what files to download, what to upload were to upload it and stuff..

If anyone canhelp me that would be Great.

Thanks in advace
will all that you have is ftp? if you get rd access, it may be easier. The tutorial on this site is pretty good. However, idk where you could find a tutorial on setting up a ftp server in windows.
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