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disable autodownload of custom maps?
I have a basic server that i use to host 4 or 5 friends. my upload speed is 384Kb. after i get several people online I get people from Norway, and other places with a significant high ping.the server starts to lag..... I have autokick for high ping turned on and working. and that helps. BTW i also have alot of custom maps on there. my question is, can you disable automatics downloading of custom maps on a server? I have look throught hte server.cfg and mani_server.cfg, but haven't seen anything. any suggestions. I know 384Kb is not alot but thats all i have to work with for now.

i know its because people are connecting to my server and its trying to upload the map cause I see them connect.... i use the rcon users command and after serveral minutes they still haven't joined teh game. and they are not spectators!!!

thanks in advance

create a config file for each of your custom maps with the line

sv_allowdownload 0

in it.

I don't remember exactly, but I think specific map configs can be made without any plugins. Otherwise, if you use a plugin such as mani mod, it should work.
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