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Class change and goin to spectator block [RESOLVED]
Hy! I was looking for the answer till hours, but had no luck.

I wanna set to my fresh DoDS server: if somebody joining to Spectators when he is playing and he is alive, then die! So I wanna to get +1 death-count and the "skull and crossbones" on the screen, when somebody joining to spectas, like when somebody joining to the other team.

The other thing what I'd like to block is: if somebody get a hit, and loose some HP and he go back to his spawn area, and choose an other class, he get full life! So maybe preventing to change class after he once left the spawn area (and he is alive), or after a given time (some secs) after spawning... or the best would be, only when somebody is dead could be able to change class!

Mostly we are playing on small custom maps, where the spawn areas are open, and some players use these "backdoors" a lot, what is killing the game. Sad

Is there a cvar for these, or something else to set up? Thanx!
This is kind of going against the coding of the game in the sense that if people are AFK, they just don't stand there in spawn. With it not killing, it lets people go into spec easily if they need to leave their computer.
OK, I found the plugin for this on

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