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Running a server over the internet?
Can u run a server over the internet if u have a router, with wirless internet. Also do you need to run the server over a comp which u dont usualy use ?

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Wait, if you have a wireless router you should be able to, as mine is wireless as well. If it is wireless INTERNET, then I have no idea.

Yea, you should try and run the server on a comp you wont be using, or at least not playing on. Remeber that it doesnt have to be super powerful. You have to worry about you internet more then server specs (to a point) for a home run server.
can some one help me plz :'( ?
Cutloose Big Grin
cutloose Wrote:can some one help me plz :'( ?

Well is it a wireless network or internet?

We need more info...
yea.. more info is really great.. we would be more then happy to help in any way possible.. we just need to know what ur working with...
i have a wireless network and a speed stream wirless rouuter
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well ?
Cutloose Big Grin
well.. try waiting more then an hour.. sheesh.. but yea.. a wireless router.. you can.. i wouldn't recommend it.. just cuz i find wireless to be an unstable connection.. but if its a good solid connection (meaning comp and router aren't like 40 feet away from each other)then it would actually probly work just fine.. best i can say is try.. make sure all the ports are forwarded right just like any router.. and yea.
Yes you can run a server on a router!

The only thing is, is that your ip changes every day or so. So you would have to open the port and connect it to your computer everytime you use the server.
The short answer is: Yes!

All you have to do is open for port 27015 on both tcp and udp.

Btw. your ip doesn't nessecarily change every hour or so. And.. like me, it never changes if you have a static ip (i have a wireless router, but dont use the wireless function).
also, i would try to use an abased router, using a g could be bad, esspecially if you have a 2.4GHz cordless phone.
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