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I need stright forward ansers about how to set up a tf2 dedicated server
I have just about gotten sick of googling my fingers to death on the "oh so simple" ways to set up a dedicated server. I have searched through and through for a simple Step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a DED-server.

Im starting from SCRATCH here. Running windows vista.

Problems I've had:
1. friends cant connect to my server
2. Server doesnt show up on master server list
3. No server.cfg
1) Make sure you are giving them your external IP from
2) Does it say in the server startup in console Connecting to Steam Servers...Connection Successful? If so, then it is Wink
3) Create it Toungue
Use this tutorial. If you are on a router, you must forward the required ports. Update the server if needed, I know TF2 had some updates recently. You should be good to go then, grab your IP by clicking here, and give that to your friends. Don't make them connect thu steam community, it wont work [since your on the same machine]. its really not too hard to do.
and check my software ...

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