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How make MOTD work in offline/Lan Mode?
I installed now an Dedicated Server on my second PC. I wanna use it as a Lan Server.
I created a nice modt.txt. But in the steam offline mode it dont show the content of the modt.txt, it only shows "Steam is currently in offline mode,...bla,bla,bla".

How can I make it work?

If there is no way to work, how can I place a message, who everybody (who connects) can read?

So long

P.S. Sorry for my ugly english, im german Wink

rename modt.txt to motd.txt

and let us know if that works Gaming Servers
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ehm sorry, it was only a mistake in this post.
Of course, the filename is motd.txt, not modt.txt
run it in online mode?

as long as that PC is connected to the internet but port 27015 isn't forwarded in your router, only people on your LAN will be able to connect.
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nice idea.
But the lanpartys, i visit, dont have any i-net connection.

I figured out, that it dont mind, if the server runs in offline or online mode.
Its just the client. If the client is in online mode, the motd will be shown as configured, but in offline mode, it shows "steam is currently in offline mode,..."

Is there another solution, to "broadcast" a message to all players automatically?

Thanks for help
You could try one of the admin plugins listed over at - - several of them have an admin_csay/admin_tsay/admin_say feature that enables you to broadcast messages. Bind a message to a key and you have a workable substitute.
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Thx knoid.

I think also,that this is the only way to bring a message to clients. What a pity !


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