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Issues with DSL...
Hi, I used to run a CS 1.6 server on a cable connection a few years ago, but recently I find myself behind a 6m down/768k up DSL connection, and with a slightly newer PC to play with, I decided to make a CS:S server.

I'm sure that this is one of the most asked questions on the forums, but I'm having 'trouble' getting the server to show up online. The router is one of those 2WIRE AT&T Modem/Router combo's... and forwarding the ports was a bit different than a Linksys behind a plain cable modem. I fooled with it for a while but when i couldnt make any connection appear outside of the LAN I switched it to DMZplus. If i understand correctly DMZ is supposed to direct all traffic to the DMZ'd computer, essentially removing any firewall the router has... so that should leave the PC open to host right?

But I'm still failing miserably at internet... not that it was really a picnic for me to get my HLDS server working on cable, but i got it eventually...

Setting the server to DMZplus made the router assign it the external IP address, which only prevented me from being able to connect from inside the LAN (failed after 4 retries), still not visible to the outside world.

So i guess my question would be 'what am i doing wrong?' Part of me thinks im missing the smallest step imaginable, which is why im trying to include as much info as possible. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.



Also, until i get things working I would like to run the server in GUI mode, but running the srcds.exe doesnt seem to do anything but make the hard drive spin for a few seconds... i can only seem to get it to run in console mode... Im re-DL the server files just to make sure its nothing to do with that, but would anyone know why my GUI isnt working?
GUI is a big No No in server running. Make sure you are downloading the SRCDS thing, not the Steam Tool. Your best bet is to reinstall, and if it still doesn't work, put -verify_all at the end of the update shortcut. Rememeber you can only host 3-6 slots on that connection.
yeah, i did use the HLDSupdatetool, but i just thought that maybe until i got this issue with the router fixed i would use GUI mode, but its not that important.

It seems to me that if i set my computer to DMZplus mode, restart the computer and try again the server appears on steams master server list, but it doesnt respond to any attempt to connect. It also doesnt show up on

Has anyone experienced something along these lines before?
I might be making progress

It wont show up in the server list, and for some reason I cannot add it to my favorites, but I can use the "find server at this address" feature to pull it up (Only inside the actual CSS client, NOT in the general steam server finder). It's called the default name for a CSS server, because the hostname command doesnt seem to be working, which is another problem all together. Can someone test that ip for me? I want to make sure everyone can connect to it

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