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Guy with server has no idea how to setup his network
I'm sure some people may consider me stupid but, i have setup a home pc to run as a dedicated server for CS:S and it works, but only if directly connected to the internet via the ADSL modem. If i set it up as an internet gateway, the server no longer appears on Steam. the same occours if it is connected through a router or even if it is connected via a modem if the network cable is connected.

The Spec of my system:
1.4GHz AMD Athlon

Internet speed: 1MB

Router: Netgear DG834G

The required ports are forwarded, (NAT is on)and there are 3/4 other pc's on the network not including the server.

someone help me Smile I have spent all weekend trying to get it to work with no luck.


Ps: i would most like it to work throgh the router, if you need more details ask
Check your firewall. (You are running one arent you?)

When I first tried to get mine going, my Zone Alarm, even though I gave srcds full access, was stoping it from working correcly. So, the fix was to use expert rules to allow the ports that way. PM me if you need my to go into more detail.
I know its not the firewall on the machine, its something on the router and there is something strange going on when i connect the server to the network if using a modem to get online


(I have just tried it without the firewall on and it still doesnt work(the firewall on the server not the router, its a zone alarm pro))
Ok, well, try just doing 27000-27050 with both TCP and UDP. You have it pointing to a static ip correct?

EDIT: I mean on the router. Also, have 1200 UDP/TCP open as well.
already have done it still dont work
Try DMZ, if that doesnt work, then its most likely something on your server (i.e. Firewall), or your isp blocks ports.
ok thanks it works now Big Grin
ok if u want to use a firewall then usen the dmz wont help u u have to forward the port the dmz just sticks the comp outside of your firewall if u want step by step my email is
Wait, I didnt mean to LEAVE it in DMZ. I meant to test it to rule out the port forwarding. Yea, Ritzz is right, you dont want to leave your server in DMZ. If it worked while in DMZ, then recheck the ports you had been forwarding.

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