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NAT problem
Hi there,
I've got a problem Sad with my 2 computers...I hope someone can help me Rolleyes
I've two machines wich are part of a Lan private network. The best one is connect to internet with an ADSL and the other one is connected via LAN to that one it is a NAT network). So, I can have internet access from the 2 machines.
I've installed SRCDS on the 2nd one and steam with CSS on the 1st one and I can join the server with "sv_lan 0" and "sv_lan 1" (wich mean i can play in "internet mode" and also in "lan mode").
The problem is that i can't see my server on server-list... I can only play if i choose "lan game" SadSadSad
I've installed on the two machines a firewall (Agnitum outpost Firewall) and i opened these ports (found on steam forums) :
UDP 1200
UDP 27000 to 27015
UDP 27020
TCP 27030 to 27039
TCP 27015
So my server says "adding master server" and "connect to steam server successfull" but it won't show on server-list, so no-one can join it...
'Cause i thought it was a firewall problem, i've tryed turning down the firewalls, but the problem still remain...

Any idea?

Thx in advance to everyone Wink Cool and sorry for my bad english Sad (I'm italian Toungue)
Is the server connected first or is it the pc, it seems to work it the server is connceted first (directly to the net via the modem)

hope that helps Big Grin
The problem you are having has been covered in many, many posts through out this forum and the Steam forums. And to date, I have yet to see a real solution posted. I have the exact same problem you do when starting a server. Basically, the server THINKS its whatever IP is on the machine (ie and is telling the Steam master server that is its IP. The Steam master servers disregard that because any internal address cannot be publicly advertised on the Internet. I have the same problem and I don't know how to make my server think it is the public IP while running behind a firewall. I use a custom built firewall that has a hacked up version of Linux on it, so it is most likely the cause of my pain; however, I have tried a linksys and had the same problem. People will be able to join and play on your server just fine, but as long as that firewall is there it won't be advertised in the master list.

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