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Look here i got a sv_downloadurl i have uploaded maps i have uploaded bzip2 files to my webserver do i need to upload the normal maps to?

Can someone help me thats not a scammer?

Plz i need help if you help me with teamviewer or something else i will offer you something like admin on server.
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you have to upload ANYTHING that would be downloaded and it has to have the same file structure.

so as the download URL would equal


and anything else like custom sounds that would be downloaded
No, to the webspace do ONLY upload the .bz2 files (those who are compressed).

And don't upload the addons! Only, maps, materials, models, ressources and sounds.

And be a 100% sure that the directory structure is equal to the actual structure on the server!

Btw. what kind of "help" do you mean over TeamViewer?
especially take care *not* to upload any configuration files :-)
the game will check first if the .bz2 files are present, if not it will try the uncompressed version without .bz2. so uploading both does not make sense but will not hurt.
you can test if the download is working correctly by renaming your counter-strike source directory in your steam installation so you get a fresh installation of css without any custom files. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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I have fixed sv_downloadurl. Ty realchamp for giving me webhosting at your website.
Http:// my clan website
Im crazyman
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