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I need [ATAC] And a thing that shows on the screen how much you dmg with HE
Hello. I want a plugin, so i can type "rank".

I also wants a plugin called [ATAC] I think, and it likes auto-ban or auto-kick if someone Tk's or Shoot a teammate..


[ATAC] lillfjanten 2/10 Team shoots or something Toungue

And i want a thing, when u throw a HE grenade, and u dont see where it explodes, then a thing popups on the screen and says like

"Damage 20"

Ye, its pretty all. Thx !

well for ranking, its built right in to mani admin plugin if your using that, you jsut need to turn in on in the mani_server.cfg. Has for the other mod.. google?
[Image: 3386928252.png]
The "damage 20" is an Eventscript.

For Mani Admin Plugin rank, try open up your mani_server.cfg. It's located in cstrike/cfg.

Then find something with "stats" change the first one to mani_stats 1 - from mani_stats 0
Okay. Thanks alot Big Grin !

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