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Yup you guessed it Mani-Admin Problem Impossible to fix.
To the guy who wrote the full Tutorial may i say thank you for
taking all your time to do that Smile

now the point i cannot understand the mani-admin FAQ page.
the mani-admin Help Document page and your Tutorial are all different.

the problem is i get the usual Unknown command "mani_admin. blah blah..

this is about 400 + messages of the same type there is no way
i'm doing this wrong i've followed your tutorial to the T.

Tried it using the .vdf way stand alone plugin Tried it using the metamod (ex .vdf way)

it's driving me totally nuts and everywhere i see and google
on the same issue no-one has helped them to resolve it.

if you check out mani-admin FAQ page on installing it with metamod.
it actually tells you to delete the mani-admin.dll file or .so file.
???????????????????????? cannot seem to grasp why it says so?


here is what i have done if anyone is wishing to help me.

Quote:location Program Files\steamapps\myaccountname\source dedicated server\cstrike\ this is the DIR.

Now we are going to install MetaMod Plugin Manager so you can install other plugins like Mani-Admin

Quote:Extract "" to the following location steamapps\steam username\source dedicated server\cstrike\
(make sure inside the /bin folder you have this file "metaplugins.ini" if it's not there create a blank notepad save it as "metaplugins.ini"

^^done that

Now that all the files are in place, the only thing that’s left to do is make MM:S load when the server starts. This has to be done in a file called “gameinfo.txt”,
It’s located in the main cstrike folder, Open up “gaminfo.txt” and you will find something that looks a little more complicated, but don’t worry we only have to edit
one line of the file Find the following lines:
Game |gameinfo_path|.
Game cstrike
Game hl2

Now just add 1 line above |gameinfo_path|. which is “GameBin |gameinfo_path|addons/metamod/bin”

The whole thing should look like this now

GameBin |gameinfo_path|addons/metamod/bin
Game |gameinfo_path|.
Game cstrike
Game hl2

Now Right Click and Set "gameinfo.txt" to read only as windows will overwrite it soon as the game loads
Which will remove the line you just added thus the script will not load correctly this part is important.

Now save the file, that’s it! Metamod:Source should now be installed on your server.

Now to check if Metamod is installed Correctly To do this start up your server, when it’s all started type “meta version” in the console

^^ done that and that part works fine it says the version.
it says its working fine, so now we move onto the mani-plugin.

Now we are going to install Mani-Admin Plugin so you can Admin your Game Server..

Quote:Extract "" to the following location steamapps\steam username\source dedicated server\cstrike\
These are the following folders which will be extracted and overwiten "addons" "cfg" "materials" "sound"

Now onto making Mani-Admin load, as I said there are two ways, I will explain how to install on Metamod:Source first,
if you want to load it as a stand-alone plug-in skip this part and continue at “Method 2”.

Method 1: Loading through Metamod:Source.
To load Mani on MetaMod:S we have to add the MM:S configuration file to let it know where Mani-Admin is located.
Browse to your cstrike\addons\metamod\ folder and locate “metaplugins.ini”, open it and find the following line in the file:

Quote:;********* LIST PLUGINS BELOW ***********

Add add the following lines to it so it looks like this:

;********* LIST PLUGINS BELOW ***********

Mani addons/mani_admin_plugin/bin/mani_admin_plugin_mm
Now save the file to your server and Mani should load, only thing left is the configuration,

^^ using metamod so i dont have to make a .VDF file right?

Now that all the files are in place we have to edit the "server.cfg" and add a line to make sure the Mani configuration will load on server startup.
Go to your cstrike\cfg folder and locate the “server.cfg”, If you don’t have this file, create a textfile and save as “server.cfg”
Open “server.cfg” and add the following line on a blank line somewhere in the file (wherever you like):

Quote:"exec mani_server.cfg" (Keep the ""'s)

^tried with ""'s and tried it without ""'s

Now save the file and Mani Admin Plugin should be loaded correctly!

1) Admin System:
How to add yourself and others as admins, one of the most important parts of Mani
Mani reads all the admins from a file called “clients.txt”, this file is not present when you download Mani,
you’ll have to make it yourself. Go to your strike\cfg\mani_admin_plugin\ directory and create a new text file called “clients.txt” and open it up.
Now you can add yourself as an admin by adding your SteamID or your IP address.

See below for examples. Basic clients.txt layout:
"version" "1"

// This key group lists all your client players
// This must be a unique client name
// Client real name
"name" "Client_1"
// Steam ID for client
"steam" "STEAM_0:0:0000"
// These are personal access flags for a player
"Admin" "grav pban A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y"
"Admin" "Z a b c d e f g i k l m o p q r s t v w x y z client admin"
"Admin" "spray"

^^ added my Name, ClientID, SteamID with the Tool everyone used.
it's the one labled ClientCreatorTool.

Now when i load up the dedicated Source Server console.
type exec server.cfg ....

then you get 400 + lines of Unknown command "mani_

i have been over your TUT so many times i've tried it peice by peice.
i've re-installed a clean counter strike and server 3 times now.

Same thing happens, if i do make a .vdf file when loading the
console in the dedicated window it just freezes and hangs

if i remove the .vdf file it works upto the point of loading mani.

it's driving me bloody nuts.
<Mod edit: Removed the quote>

Same I read mine apperently there isn't a version that works?
First of all, you don't necessarily have to quote the whole post... Second of all, this is not the Mani forums. Go have a look there, you will be better off with Mani-related problems over there Smile !
Don't use the Steam Dedicated Server Tool!!!

That's your problem! Smile

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