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Unable to get secure connection ?
Great site people, keep up the excellent work !! So far I have been able to find answers to my questions so far, but now the problem I am having with the connection to the Steam Servers.
I just can't seem to get a secure connection going with VAC at all. I have tried everything so far that is here in the forums. I have the sv_region 0 line added to my server.cfg and allowed ports 27000 - 28000 both UDP/TCP, along with the 1200 TCP/UDP. Is there something else I am missing and have not located on the Forum yet ? Do I have to be logged in to my Steam account through the server in order for my Dedicated TDM server to work properly ? Thanks in advance guys Smile
Disregard my last, I found the answer myself. I got it working and it looks like it may be the beta version as well.

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