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Strange lag after moving server to Windows (on same box) [SOLVED]
Hi everyone,

I was running a server off my Linux partition, using Wine. There was no lag and the ping was great for westcoast players.

I recently moved the server to my Windows XP partition because Wine was causing some of the maps to bug out (grass was slippery, players got stuck in water, straaange things!)

At first I simply moved everything to the windows partition, without installing anything, it started up just fine, and srcds was reporting 500+fps, but there was MAJOR lag, somehow. My ping was above what it normally was, but still fairly low, since the server is on my network i got 5-40 ping, now I am getting 40-150 or so.

So, I did a fresh install of srcds, and all the files, just moving over some of the addons I use (ulx, phx3, wire...)

and it still has the same issue. Could the addons be at fault in any way?
I don't think a ping of 150 would constitute as much lag as I am getting

an example of the lag,
I spawn chair, it takes a second to show up, i throw the chair into the sky and it will take about a minute before it comes back down, lagging the whole way.
Also the ulx motd takes about 20 sec before it shows up

My server is here:
" > MastaDAT* ..."

Please join it to get an idea of what is going on, any help would be much appreciated.
Try reinstalling completely as well as trying with no addons.
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quick question do you play of the same computer that you host off of? if so thats your problem
[Image: 3386928252.png]
I will take out all the addons and see what happens, and no, this is a separate computer. Thanks for the help so far, I'll get back to you with the outcome
Well, it looks as if one of the addons was to blame, I took them all out and it ran smoothly again.
I wonder why that would be?

Sort of a bummer, I didn't want to have to download them all again Big Grin

thanks everyone, and I'll post here again if something strange happens while adding freshly downloaded plugins
alright ill mark this as solved, or a mod can delete it Toungue . I added each addon one by one and found it to be one that I had edited myself. Probably some bad code in it, I'll have to look.
Running a SRCDS server on linux off wine? You're aware of the fact that SRCDS exists for linux too, aren't you Big Grin ?

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