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Slow map load times
I have posted this message in a few other forums with no results. I was hoping this would work out!

I am experiencing extremely long load times when switching maps on my server (the server map change can take up to 20-30 seconds). In other words, players are dropping from my server before their progress bar starts.

I have had this problem before and after installing mani_mod so I do not think it is mani mod. I have seen posts from people with very high powered computers having the same problem and people with very weak computer setups not having the problem.

I am trying to run a CSS server of 16 players. Does anyone know what is causing this problem? The only thing I have seen is set your stat calculation to each round instead of at map change. I did that and it had no effect.
hmm whats ur upload? and system specs of server?
that could just be the computer processing it slow... cuz mine does the same thing. kind of. although i have never had a problem really.. but you say its takes a while before the bar even starts to go up? after that does it do fine? and also, when the bar isn't moving (if thats the case.. can you like change tabs and such in the main consol screen? and if its just the bar moving slow.. i would say its cuz of slow upload..

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