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SourceTV probs

i dont know but i found out some problems with sourcetv.

I started a normal source gameserver and got very stable 991.3 fps. After that i started a second source server with the same config and it gots 991.3 fps too. Now the problem .....

Ich canceled the second server and restarted it with one sourceTV masterslot. Now i got 985.2 fps .... ok it not horrible, but the problem starts at playing.

I spectated both server via hlsw and found out that the first server with 991,3 fps stay and drops only down to 990 fps. The second one drops very often down to 350 or 850. Now is think it must be the sourceTV, someone a idea how can i solve it ?

best reguards

do a search for sourcetv in the linux section and you'll quickly see the trend. Smile

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