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left4dead server ops please read !
Hello everyone, yesterday I came across some rather distressing information of which I had long suspected was occuring. this is not the usual player whom has an account with
these are the individuals whom seem to defy the physics of the
game. I am posting the thread links so that you can read these for yourselves.

basically it looks as if the following cvars are going to have to be implemented and enforced.
//sv_pure 1
//sv_pure trace 1
//sv_pure_kick_clients 1
//sv_logbans 1
as usual the server op has the added responsibility of policeing the server to weed out the bad apples. its unfortunate but for those individuals whom connect and do not have any updated content, I.E.
new maps the following command will have to be implemented as well
sv_downloadurl , http://downlad.yada.yada.yada
if they want to continue to ruin evryones game with their selfish deceptive behaviours then they can do it on servers that are unsecured.
Interesting read... By the way, how do you compete in L4D ?

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