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Rcon Hacker (QUICK REPORT)
Okay, if you guys trust me, get this for your server:
It blocks people from hacking / glitching on your server, especially with rcon, it has saved me dozens of times so far...

ANYWAY, my hacker report is of a really big rcon hacker on my server, but failed thanks to iron wall.

Here is his ip if you want to add him and make sure he doesn't come to your server:, you can temporarily stop him! Smile

Also, his id (IM PRETTY SURE) is: STEAM_0:1:15284925

Make sure this guy doesn't come on your server.

He comes with the name UNNAMED, disconnects from your server... GIVES YOUR SRCDS the error: STEAMSTARTVALIDATINGUSERIDTICKET: Returned ESteam Error 25
Then he gets into your rcon hacking, but luckily, ironwall stopped that bastard.

I hope this wasn't a useless post, I'm pretty sure every other guy/girl out there likes to protect his server too!
If this is in the wrong forum, sorry, I just had to get this out to the public!

Thanks for reading this, and I hope I didn't waste your time, if I did sorry! Sad
Oh by the way, the reason I mentioned the ip is because I'm relatively sure he can get in it without a steam id Smile
So my plan of action is...

if that fails...
if that fails...
that does not fail Smile I HOPE Toungue
Hmm... it seems he's still trying... now do I stop him? O_o
Change RCon password? Rolleyes

Make sure he doesn't have access to your server with FTP, RDC, etc.
Second suspected hacker id: STEAM_0:0:20110609
Third aimbot hacker id: STEAM_0:0:48379
realchamp Wrote:Change RCon password? Rolleyes

Make sure he doesn't have access to your server with FTP, RDC, etc.

Nope he doesn't, and ironwall blocks the password, he can't get into rcon, he tries but gets banned.

Steam support said to contact is ISP: Infolink something... look it up on google on a tracker, I think I will call him and report him as a server hacker.
Hmm, good luck with that!
I don't see any reason it should be hard? :\
The ISP doesn't do anything with it. Unless it has something todo with moneys or illegal activity. I don't think the little "hack" there could make them react so big. Might take a look, otherwise not the big deal. If you're lucky they will watch him and give him a warning. If it continues, properly the police would get contacted.. Smile
people can change your rcon password if you have sv_cheats on
~ trewq
If it's a pro server, do you think I'm stupid enough to turns those on? O_O?
No I didn't know it was a pro server
~ trewq
It's in my signature... >_>
Ok St1flus, not trying to flame you here, but you have very little idea about what you are doing with SRCDS. It seems you ask everybody everything, and don't walk away with any knowledge, just because its over your head. These forums are for mature gamers, over the age of 15 or so I would say, and I would venture to guess your around the age of 12.

When you call your ISP and report a hacker, they will think somebody is really HACKING your computer. Which is a offense which could land you in jail. Hacking a server is 100% legal as far as laws are concerned.

There is no way to block your RCON password, I would recommend changing it every week or so, and be sure to use about 8 digits, with at least 2 numbers in it. More is always a good idea.

And being a "pro" server or any other server, it's still very bad to turn on sv_cheats Toungue
what makes your server pro? just wondering

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