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tf2 change map (takes ages!)
Recently set up my own srcds tf2 server in my loft, all is going well until the server changes map. It takes (metric) ages! When vnc'ing the console while it changes, it would seem it reruns the server.cfg. Is this the reason? I haven't created any map cfg files, should I? Also, could some describe the process the server goes through when a new level is loaded? what files does it reload?
Thanks in advance,
How old is the server? What kind of hard drive is running in it?
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Spartanfrog Wrote:How old is the server? What kind of hard drive is running in it?

It's not new! PIII 800+ 256M ram, hdd is not an issue! If anything it'll be the cpu, but it shouldn't be, all it's doing is running a simple script. I can't believe that most tf2 servers are running on much faster machines, if it's just a single server, mine should be sufficient.

There must be some way of speeding things up, perhaps if I make map cfg files, so it doesn't spend so long searching for them?

thanks for the help,

Reread your comment, "what TYPE" of hdd... Its just an IDE 7200rpm, nothing special, nothing slow. From what I can see, it's not the loading of the map that takes the time, its the executing of the server.cfg file. From the players perspective, the loading bar doesn't start loading while the server.cfg files is executed, and it's this part that is taking the time.
It may be loading the map at the same time, just not telling me...?

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