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Left 4 Dead linux how to?
I've been looking everywhere and have tried searching. Are there any good left 4 dead Linux server how tos? I have been messing with setting up CSS and CS1.6 servers for quite some time now, but there are so many weird setings with L4D. The First, l4d_full or left4dead? Any why are there 2 choices during install? Also, when running the server startup, after already installing the server, why does it now try to reinstall the server in to another folder named l4d?

If anyone can point me to a good "fool proof" install guide I'd be very greatfull and happy!

Thanks in advace!
some good info here about some of the linux l4d launch params, such as forking.

other than that, you run pretty much the same as any other game.
./steam -command update -game left4ead -dir .

I duno about installing to another dir on startup, maybe if you used a -dir other than ., and the autoupdate tries to put it at . if its not there.
See this post here, I will be cleaning it up later and making it a dedicated thread, there are some depreciated parts and lots of unnecessary information however it should get you up and running.

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