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High latency in steam serverlist

I'm running two servers on my linuxbox, one cs:s (18 players) and one 1.6 server (16 players).


P4 3.0 ghz
1.2 gig DDR RAM
Slackware 10

Connection 50 mbit fiberlink

Running smoothwall on a separate box infront with ports 27015 and 27035 (TCP & UDP) forwarded to the server.

The 1.6 server running on port 27015 and cs:s on 27035, is this a sufficient difference in portnumber?
I've read some posts where they say one should forward other ports also (like 27010 UDP etc..) any need to do this?

Well, to get to my actual problem.

The latency of my servers in the steam serverlist is very high. Before when I only ran the 1.6 server the latency always stayed around 12-15 ms. Now (with both servers empty even) it raises and drops between 30-90 ms, and when there's people playing it even timeout sometimes.

Inside the game everyone have low/stable pings.

Anyway to fix/tweak this?

Today I upgraded my linuxkernel to (from 2.6.10) and I think the problem got even worse. Now when I shut down the cs:s server and only have my 1.6 server running the latency still stays between 30-90 ms. Anyone else have this problem?


Question.. Have you tried turning smoothwall off to see if that is the issue?

Also, im going to assume this server is not located in your house.. but somewhere else.. correct? Maybe if you find someone else in your area to test it (wouldn't go with someone in the same neighorhood or ISP as it could be an ISP issue, or an issue on your end.
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