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I Got my Server Working Without No Crashes Accept The Fact That i Cant Connect To No Server Or My Own While The Console/Gui Is Up, Is There Any Way I Can?


It's Funny How You Type Like This... Toungue

Anyways try going to your LAN tab in Steam Servers once it up, and seeing if it appears Wink
It Does Appear There But It Just Does 2 Bars

Its My Pc Some Setting Makes Caps On Every Word >.>
LOL And you can't turn that off? Toungue

Try connecting to one of those.
Well I Can Turn It Off But C'mon Worth It To Make People Annoyed That Im The Caps King

It Started Working Somehow After Changing It From Gui To Console
Do you have caps lock on? Turn it off, I worked for me!
I found out what was doing it some Windows 7 feature
That seems like trashware to me, but hey, I'm sure somebody could find a Reason To Type Like This. Toungue
Are you hosting and gaming on the same computer? (you are).
That's the problem!
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Does it just disconnect you or is there an error? Also can anyone else join?
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