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start/stop/restart script?
hello i am not new to the forums just newly registered ^_^ i have been looking for days now for something that will allow me to start/stop/restart my srcds from a web interface... i have tried everything i have found on the forums and nothing has really seemed to fit the bill... i have had my server up for several months now and am tired of having to remote desktop to start the server back up... the rcon command "quit" just shuts the server down so i would like an easy web interface with a start a stop and a restart button any ideas on this?
I will try and pull up the one I made ages ago for you
~ trewq
King Goilio Wrote:I will try and pull up the one I made ages ago for you

Hello guys,

King Goilio did you manage to find a script I have a similar situation and restart through the web would be a great help.


Try serverdoc, it has a web interface.
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Run srcds guardian so the server automatically restarts when you type rcon quit.
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To get a restart function working you'd have to have a BAT file open the server for you after a quit. There is no built-in way of doing it otherwise...

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