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Server Mani admin plugin not working?
Hi guys!

As said in subject mani admin plugin doesnt work on my server! I am confused i dont know what to do if you want i can send you print screen of my command prompt if you can see the problem there. If i write in chat rtv, votemap, or any other command doesnt work. And i try to type in console "changelevel de_dust2" i get this "Can't changelevel, not running server"
So guys help apprechiated. I hope to get this working soon!

tnx for answers!
I quess you're using Steam's Dedicated Server? Am I right?

The one under Steam - Tools - Source Dedicated Server.

Also try this: Type map de_dust2 into your console.
no i make server like in tutorial srcds so this is not steam > tools >----->
On the gaming computer you need to do rcon.
rcon_password PASSWORD
rcon changelevel de_dust2

Don't use the map command.
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ok tnx! what about mani admin plugin not working?
and how do i type in rcon commands in rconlist.txt lets say this one change level?
is there a site where i can just copy them from somewhere and paste in my rconlist.txt?
mani admin is out of updates.. last update was December 2008. actualy some plugins wont work and make's the server crashing.
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