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Two Servers, One Computer?
Hello, I just recently installed SRCDS on my home desktop and have been testing everything on my laptop.
My question is: Is it possible to set up TWO servers on ONE computer? I tried installing all of this to a second directory and I even forwarded more (the correct) ports that I would need through my Router. I made a second version of SRCDS, made a second shortcut pointing it to that version, and the -port is the correct one. My real question to myself would be, my "static" internal IP (, is that going to be my downfall? since I don't have more than one IP?

Thanks in advance
You will most likely only have 1 IP to your house, but ye, you can run as many servers as you like on your computer, depending on hardware and internet speed. You can run 1 at port 27015 and the other at 27016 or something.

Your external IP can be found at, and people can't connect to your internal IP ( from outside your LAN.

I hope this helps!

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