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Is there anyway to code some immunity for admins... or people...
So like... you can give this person immunity from getting kicked and stuff?

Is that possible?
built right into main admin plugin if you use that
[Image: 3386928252.png]
... Seriously? Where, I need your help to tell me where it is. ^_^
Check the Client Admin menu, same one to add admins ingame. You can change the players immunities in there.
Okay... I did that... But is there anyway to guarantee other admins won't change it? Like have 1 SUPERIST admin? (ME)
So far none of the admins have figured out about that last menu... If they do... Heh... Well it might not be so good :\
You can go set their frags, so they don't have access to those things and rememeber to remove their frag, so they won't be able to change it back. Don't give them access to "Clients, etc". ('Em at the lastes page).
Don't give them access to change the immunity.
Beaverbeliever Wrote:Don't give them access to change the immunity.

That would be stupid, indeed Wink
So I should go in the last page of their admin status... and remove which flags?
You'll see. They are named after their function. Smile Just find them with immunity.

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